Christmas Decor Light Dimensions Catalog – Top 200

The Light Dimensions Top 200 Catalog features an abundance of giant walk-throughs, 3D motifs, hanging motifs, and much more. Our top-notch materials, technology and assembly helps set the industry standards. Check out the several extravagant displays that will be sure to up your Christmas Decor game in this catalog! Interested in learning more about the Light Dimensions Top 200 Catalog? Have questions?

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We are well known throughout the world for our quality and innovation. Unlike the competition, 90% of the products used to create these beautiful pieces are manufactured in-house. Because of this, the development process of a project is quick and efficient. You get a product that is more reliable and delivers what is promised.

Our quality management system ensures the highest quality products of their kind in the world. FDS Illuminations, the creators of these pieces, set themselves apart from the competition with green factory processes, awards and certificates, patents on innovative systems, and more.

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