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The Perfect Seasonal Business

Christmas decorating offers individuals and businesses the ability to generate significant revenues during a time that is traditionally slow for many seasonal businesses. The Christmas Decor franchise opportunity provides seasonal businesses the ability to offset their fixed overhead costs and maintain their key employees all year around. The majority of our almost 300 franchisees nationally were operating a seasonal business when they came to Christmas Decor. They had no prior decorating experience, but they understood what it means to work hard to grow a successful business. Each one found that Christmas Decor was the perfect seasonal business to expand their revenues.

The Christmas Decor Report

Why Christmas Decor?

Franchise Consultant

Each franchise is assigned a dedicated FC to be their first point of contact for any Christmas Decor related needs. With experience in the field, our team offers a wealth of knowledge gained from personally, from other Franchise Consultants, or from the 20+ years of experience across the network.


Our marketing department offers a variety of services and tactics to help you generate quality leads for your holiday services. We work to provide you with the greatest insights to the Christmas Decor customer base, access to fresh and relevant content, and the tools and techniques to get in front of the right people.


Our product development team has gone to great lengths to develop and design products with safety durability & simplicity with the contractor in mind. Our product is designed from the ground up.  We are continuing to strive to develop quality products at a competitive price.

Customer Service

The customer service team at Christmas Decor is here to be sure your product orders and questions are handled as efficiently as possible. This business produces a lot in a small amount of time. Therefore, getting your orders processed, quickly and correctly is top of mind for this team.


Joining a franchise system means that you can benefit from the experience of those that have come before you. We have developed an in-depth training system that allows you to hit the ground running and continue to train yourself and your employees as your company grows.


We research, develop, support and improve a variety of websites and software that are designed to improve your process. From sales, to customer management, to product ordering, to marketing, we work hand in hand with each department to bring you the best technological tools in the industry.

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Many Christmas Decor Franchises enter the system looking for a solution to a slow time in the green industry. Within a short amount of time they realize how much more potential this business has. With a perfect opportunity to cross market to customers not only does the Holiday business boom, but many even add to their core business clientèle thanks to Christmas Decor. The support all franchises receive makes it easy to get your business up and running. Proven methods are shared across the franchise system and our support staff is available year round. Listen to these veteran franchises and their thoughts on Christmas Decor.

The added seasonal revenue has allowed us to invest in our organization, to seek out other opportunities, and, for instance, we were able to acquire a new property for our business, so that we’re a full, legitimate business location in a commercial zone.

Arnie's Outstanding Experience with Christmas DecorArnie Arsenault, Christmas Decor by A. Arsenault & Sons

We’ve got about 16 people, and they’re all year-round, full-time employees. Our people are probably working 44 weeks out of the 52 weeks of the year. Before Christmas Decor, we were a seasonal business working 7 months per year. We’ve increased retention and reduced turnover, as well as improved training processes.

Don's Outstanding Experience with Christmas DecorDon McQueen, Christmas Decor of Oakville

The networking alone that Christmas Decor has brought to us – to be able to talk with them and so many other great companies – to be honest, has been priceless. Also, the business practices that Christmas Decor has in place is something that we’ve learned to bring into our own companies as well. 

Ken's Outstanding Experience with Christmas DecorKen Divers, Christmas Decor by Pennsylvania Lawn & Landscape

I have the confidence in what Christmas Decor brings to us – in product, with support, training and ongoing education – that none of the other businesses that have just started buying products and installing, they can’t touch what we do with our designs, with everything.

Neave's Outstanding Experience with Christmas DecorKathleen Neave, Christmas Decor by Neave Decor

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