Christmas Decor is the perfect seasonal business. Find out why Christmas Decor could be the right decision for you & your company!

Christmas decorating offers individuals and businesses the ability to generate significant revenues during a time that is traditionally slow for many seasonal businesses. The Christmas Decor franchise opportunity provides seasonal businesses the ability to offset their fixed overhead costs and maintain their key employees all year around. They cross sell Christmas decorating services to their existing customer base, while generating new customers with the convenience of our services.


The majority of our almost 400 franchisees nationally were operating a seasonal business when they came to Christmas Decor. They had no prior decorating experience, but they understood what it means to work hard to grow a successful business. Each one found that Christmas Decor was the perfect seasonal business to expand their revenues.

The Perfect Seasonal Business
Inside the Numbers

Christmas Decor Franchises have the opportunity to earn substantial off-season profits and supplement the income of their core operation. The average Net Profit reported for the 2013 season was a solid 34%. You can look into most other trades and you will be hard pressed to find a definitive way to earn these kinds of profits. The margins are achieved through our proven system and the best part is, we train you exactly how we do it. We've done the hard work, all you have to do is commit to the system and reap the benefit of our industry experience!

Average Gross Sales (3+ Years in Operation)
$161,858 Average New Residential Sale
$1,479 Average Daily Production (3-Man Crew)

Many Christmas Decor Franchises enter the system looking for a solution to a slow time in the green industry. Within a short amount of time they realize how much more potential this business has. With a perfect opportunity to cross market to customers not only does the Holiday business boom, but many even add to their core business clientèle thanks to Christmas Decor. The support all franchises receive makes it easy to get your business up and running. Proven methods are shared across the franchise system and our support staff is available year round. Listen to these veteran franchises and their thoughts on Christmas Decor.

Product Support System Training
Franchise Package

Over the course of 20+ years, Christmas Decor Inc. has perfected the craft of making properties beautiful for the holidays. Now we are making it easier than ever for you to enjoy this profitable world of holiday decorating. Our newest program allows you to become part of our wonderful franchise network for only $9,900 --- There has never been an easier way to make great money!


Here is what your initial investment includes

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The first step to acquiring a franchise is to submit a "Request for Consideration." Once your “Request for Consideration” is submitted, the awarding process will take approximately four to six weeks. Your Franchise Recruitment Specialist will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding the process.


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Getting Started

If you are dedicated to people, quality, service, innovation, and the satisfaction of hard work, we invite you to complete this form. Completing this form does not obligate the applicant or Christmas Decor, Inc. (CDI) in any way. All information is strictly confidential. CDI offers protected market areas. Be sure to include your request for zip codes.


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